Polish Development Fund Has an Offer for Local Governments in the Package for Mid-sized Cities

Polish Development Fund Has an Offer for Local Governments in the Package for Mid-sized Cities


The Polish Development Fund (PFR) launches a pilot of consultation meetings for governments of mid-sized cities. PFR experts will share expertise and experience in equity transactions, available sources of financing for public investments, and conditions conducive to private investments aiming to develop mid-sized cities.

The Package for Mid-sized Cities addresses one of the goals of the Strategy for Responsible Development (SOR). It covers cities with a population of more than 20 thousand as well as cities with a population of more than 15 thousand that are district capitals with the exception of regional capitals, i.e., 255 cities across Poland. Special support is needed in 122 cities identified by researchers of the Polish Academy of Sciences for the purposes of SOR as cities with eroding social and economic functions. The Package includes a range of diverse and complementary initiatives. An important measure under the Package is support dedicated to mid-sized cities under the National Operational Programmes managed by the Ministry of Economic Development, which amounts to nearly PLN 2.5 billion of EU financing in 2014-2020.

“The Polish Development Fund invites governments of mid-sized cities to participate in the programme pilot where PFR will hold pre-investment meetings with local governments. The objective is to analyse the development needs of mid-sized cities from the perspective of potential sources of funding as well as the institutional and legal forms of investments. PFR experts have hands-on experience in equity transactions closed in co-operation with local governments. In the pilot, they will share their expertise and experience with representatives of local governments,” said Paweł Borys, President of the Polish Development Fund.

Eligible to participate in pre-investment meetings are mid-sized cities identified in the multi-criteria analysis by the Polish Academy of Sciences for the Strategy for Responsible Development. Candidates must submit the completed application form to PFR. Meetings with representatives of local governments will take place at PFR offices in Warsaw or by video and teleconference. Investment needs should be outlined in a dedicated template which can be downloaded in a .pdf file from the website www.pfr.pl.

Cities will be accepted for pre-investment meetings based on formal criteria as well as criteria of substance. The latter will prioritise the defined investment needs and determine the status of analyses performed by the applying local governments.

The call for the pilot opens on 17 July 2017. The deadline for submissions is 31 August 2017.

Other forms of support for mid-sized cities include instruments offered by the Local Government Investment Fund (FIS) managed by the Polish Development Fund. FIS provides support for investments financed fully with local money as well as capital contributed to projects co-financed by the EU. The potential areas of support include: roads, water and sewage systems, waste management, energy and gas supply, social infrastructure, revitalisation, urban transport, and health care. FIS has a budget of PLN 400 million. Some of this money will support the development of mid-sized cities.

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